EXCLUSIVE: New BWC Footage Shows the Hate and Violence Officers Face Daily at the Hands of Boston’s Youth

“Bitch, I’m just letting you know I’m going to fucking kill you!” Lina Seiffulah of Roxbury, said to officers as they removed her from the back of a police cruiser at the local Dorchester district station. This wasn’t her first threat towards officers that evening. 

In a rare turn of events, our staff has been able to obtain the Boston Police body worn camera footage of the night that shows the origins of Seiffulah’s arrest. In the evening of July 15th shortly before 22:00 hours, Officers from B-2 and C-11 responded to numerous 911 calls about a group of youthful offenders blasting music, fighting, publicly drinking, smoking, impeding traffic and causing an overall unwanted disturbance in the area of Colombia Road and into parts of Dorchester. Unsurprisingly, numerous law enforcement sources familiar with this group say it is the same teens and young adults who had previous terrorized the South Boston beaches at the start of the summer.

In the footage obtained by Live Boston staff, the group can be seen taunting, disrespecting and even assaulting responding officers while overwhelmly outnumbering police. Even after numerous orders for the group to disband and go home the young teens continued their antics. The group would simply pick up their oversized speakers and relocate to the next corner until officers could regroup and then push them along, in the process, continuing to blast music, drink, smoke, fight and even jump on the hoods of cars. In the video, officers continued to be professional with the group, using every ounce of their energy to avoid using force or punitive measures. Despite the numerous attempts, the teenagers and young adults persisted with their childish antics, ignoring the authorities. In the footage kids can be seen cursing, taunting and attempting to spark conflict with the officers, with some even pushing and throwing bottles. Screen captures of some of the faces of the worst offenders can be seen below. If any of them are your children you should think over your choices as a parent that you to this moment.

This lawlessness and chaos came to a climax in the area of Hancock street and Glendale street when officers were forced to intervene when an all out melee broke out in the middle of the street. As officers weaved their way through the crowd, they observed Chistopher Lewis of Dorchester, punching Lina Seiffulah in the face. As officers attempted to separate the two and place Lewis into custody, rather than backing away and being grateful to the officer’s assistance, Seiffulah instead turned on them and began to repeatedly punch multiple officers. 

As officers attempted to arrest the two they were then quickly surrounded by a large, rowdy, and non compliant mob. Officers were forced to restrain Seiffulah after she kicked, thrashed, and attempted to bite and spit on officers as they tried to handcuff her, and as the mob grew and became more hostile. Officers quickly decided they needed to remove Seiffulah from the scene. As she continued to fight the officer’s attempts to stand her up, they were left with no other choice than to carry her, literally kicking and screaming like a small child, to the awaiting police car for transport to the police station. 

Once at the station, rather than accept defeat, Seiffulah doubled down on her antics. As officers prepare to take Seiffulah out of the cruiser, an officer asks which side of the cruiser she would like to exit from but she gives no indication. Officers decide to take her out on the right side of the vehicle and the moment they open the door Seiffulah turns to them and calmly states, “Bitch I’m just letting you know Imma fucking kill you.”, staring at the female officers who arrested her.

An officer grabs onto her and attempts to steer her towards the building as she looks back at the female officers and repeats it once more. As she is walked to the building she continues to make threats to the female officers. The male officer tries his best to keep her facing forward, away from the female officer behind them but Seiffulah continues to look back and say “Imma fucking kill you.” She repeats the statement many times. She admits it’s a treat by saying, “And thats a threat cuz I’m going to fucking kill that bitch.” Over and over again, “Imma fucking kill you.”

As Seiffulah is brought into the police station, she quickly jerks around to face the female officers, looking them in the eyes and taunts them, “Let me see that face one more time. Let me see that face one more time, bitch.” As she is dragged away by the escorting officers, she again directs what could only be considered serious and possibly even deadly threats at the female officers, “N**** already know that face. N**** already know what the fuck you look like.” As they turn the corner into the booking area of the station she says, “Imma shoot this place up.” 

Upon entering the main area of the station, Seiffulah again starts to get rowdy screaming, “N**** you gotta problem with me?” to someone off camera. She appears to recognize another person in the lobby of the station and then shouts “What’s up gang!?” and ends her greeting by dropping down into a spit, finishing with a strange move that could only be described as a pitiful attempt at a twerk. The officers quickly grab her by her arms and legs and have no choice but to again carry her away in toddler fashion. They carry her into the holding cell where it seems she continues to make more threats and scream obscenities even after officers are no longer around to hear her. 

Lina Seiffulah and Chistopher Lewis were both arrested that night. Lewis was only charged with Assault and Battery as his arrest was less violent and proceeded without further incident. Seiffulah on the other hand was charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Intimidation of a Witness, Malicious Destruction of Property, and Threat to Commit a Crime. Seiffulah additionally had an open warrant out for her arrest that was issued ten days prior. You can read the full report on the evening below.

This event is not the first and will definitely not be the last of its kind. Boston Police Officers continually deal with these types of arrogant, violent and enabled criminals who have no respect for law and order. Although common across all demographics, officers who we have spoken to say it has become a dramatically worse problem with these young groups of teens and young adults. Their blatant disregard for common courtesy, the rule of law and just basic human interactions have escalated incidents into arrests and other issues that normally would have never ended in such a manner. From kids as young as 12 out publicly drinking, smoking, playing loud music, yelling, fighting and or trespassing there clearly has been some form of failure that has allowed these children to develop such unacceptable habits.

Some may argue it is cultural, some may say it is a lack of parenting, others may blame social media and technology. Whatever the cause, it is in desperate need of attention and correction. As said before, this group that Seiffulah was a part of has had multiple run-ins with the police before and the police have tried their best to keep these situations non violent and calm but no matter their effort these youths continue. The officers are overworked and do their best to answer the call to serve this great city daily and it is not just unfair but is also unacceptable that they must face these pathetic gangs of teens without support from our elected officials, community leaders and the courts. Community policing will only go so far, it is time we hold these juvenile offenders, their parents and the courts accountable for these incidents before it’s too late and an officer loses their life at the hands of these wannabe gangsters and thugs.