Fight Halts Traffic As Teens Battle in the Middle of Seaver Street in Roxbury

On Sunday, August 14th, at around 9:40 p.m. Boston Police Officers from District B-2 received at least one call for a fight in the middle of Seaver Street, Roxbury which was impeding traffic and causing significant backups.

Boston Police Officers as well as Transit Police, and the MSP/BPD Gang Unit Taskforce all arrived on the scene to assisted in breaking up the melee. At least one suspect was tackled by officers on scene as well as numerous others detained and handcuffed.

The bus schedule was only briefly disrupted by the fight because officers were able to handle the quickly escalating situation. Luckily there were no injuries or transports as a result of this incident.

We attempted to get further information from Boston Police however they were unable to provide the names of the involved parties and could also not confirm if any of the hooligans were charged.