One Hospitalized and One Arrested After Stop & Shop Stabbing

On August 26, 2022 at approximately 01:30 hours Boston Police officers from District E-13 responded to a 911 call for a fight at the Stop & Shop at 301 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. While officers were responding, the 911 caller reported that 2 people covered in blood were involved in an altercation and possibly a stabbing.

When officers, EMTs, and paramedics arrived on the scene, they located 2 females, one of which was stabbed. The women had been involved in a dispute of a domestic nature which resulted in the stabbing, according to sources on scene. First responders immediately began to tend to the woman who was stabbed and she was loaded into an ambulance for further care.

The woman initially refused treatment by EMS and walked out of the ambulance, but only made it a few feet before collapsing. First responders, including the Boston EMS Physician Medical Director, jumped back into action and loaded her back into the ambulance so she could be transported to the local hospital to receive the treatment she needed.

At the scene, the other combatant involved was arrested on 209a related domestic assault charges. We reached out to the Boston Police Department for more information, but because of the domestic nature of the incident, no further information could be provided. According to sources involved in the investigation, the stabbing victim is expected to make a full recovery.