YVSF Officers Arrest Two Repeat Offenders on Firearm and Drug Charges in Dorchester- 3rd and 4th Firearm Offenses

The information and images contained in this article may be delayed due to the FOIA and public records guidelines which allow departments and government agencies to take up-to multiple months to fulfill requests such as providing booking photos or documents. The inculded reports have been redacted by both BPD as well as Live Boston Staff for reasons of investigatory purpose as well as officer safety.

At about 7:27 PM, on Monday, July 18, 2022, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force, along with Massachusetts State Police, made two on-site arrests in the area of 255 Magnolia Street in Dorchester.

As a result of an ongoing investigation, officers arrested, Trendell Mason, 34, of Boston and Tyriq Wiggins, 27, of Stoughton, after recovering two firearms and drugs from the motor vehicle in which they were occupying. Officers also recovered seven plastic bags of a hard rock like substance believed to be crack Cocaine, eight plastic bags of Marijuana, one plastic bag of Fentanyl and $264.00 USC.

The Firearms were determined to be a 9mm with one round in the chamber and twenty-five rounds in the magazine and a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber SD40VE with one round in the chamber and five rounds in the magazine.

Tyriq Wiggins was charged with:

MGL269/10/I Possession of a Firearm 3rd Subsequent Offense (Prior convictions Suffolk Superior DKT#: 1584CR11128A and Dorchester DKT#: 1307CR002623A)

MGL269/10(n) Carrying a Loaded Firearm

MGL269/10(h) Possession of Ammunition without an FID Card

MGL269/10(m) Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device.

Trendell Mason was charged with:

MGL269/10G(c) Armed Career Criminal 3 (Prior violent/drug convictions: Suffolk Superior DKT#: 1484CR10400A, Dorchester District DKT#: 1507CR005121A, Dorchester Juvenile DKT#: DL01D0054)

MGL94C/32E/B-4 Trafficking Class B

MGL 94C/32E/Q-2 Trafficking Class A

MGL 94C Possession of Class B Subsequent offense

MGL269/10(a)(d&n) Posession of a Firearm without an LTC 4th and subsequent offense

-MGL 265/18B Possession of a Firearm in the commission of a Felony

MGL 269/10(a) Possession of a Firearm

MGL269/10(m) Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device

MGL 269/10(h) Possession of ammunition with out an FID Card

-MGL 94C/32c Possession with intent to distribute Class D.

Wiggins has a lengthy history of armed run-ins with the Boston Police, in 2015 Wiggins was found to be illegally possessing a Tec-9 machine gun, in 2018 he was again arrested by DCU and B-3 officers for unlawful possession of a revolver. Mason similarly also has numerous convictions for violent drug and firearm charges. Both suspects have been arraigned in Roxbury District Court.