Gang Unit Arrests Roxbury Repeat Gun Offender on 3rd Firearm Offense Sunday

On Sunday, September 11 2022, at approximately 12:35 hours, members of the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force, more commonly called the Gang Unit, arrested repeat gun offender Antwaun McCollin of 84 Alleghany Street in Roxbury on numerous firearm related charges stemming from a traffic stop on Morton Street in Jamaica Plain. McCollin is charged with Carrying a firearm without a license 3rd offense.

Officers initially made contact with the vehicle while on directed patrol in the area of Harvard Street due to a recent increase in firearm related activities including but not limited to multiple instances of shootings and shots fired. While at a red light, Officers noted a vehicle pass through a red light at an excessively high rate of speed. They immediately pursued the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle quickly pulled over, activating their hazard lights and officers approached the vehicle on foot.

It was at this point that officers noted the vehicle was occupied two times and the individuals were repeatedly bending over as to conceal something, and the windows were tinted in “shooter style” meaning that only the side windows were tinted and not the rear, a common practice among gang members and other criminals. The driver of the vehicle, McCollin, was unlicensed and was clearly distressed.

He and the female occupant were removed from the vehicle at which point officers conducted a frisk of both occupants for weapons. It was at this point Officers located a black firearm inside of the female’s purse. The pair were both handcuffed and Mirandized. The operator, McCollin then told officers, “that’s my firearm, that’s my firearm. I don’t have a license to carry a firearm. C’mon man I put that thing in her bag.” Additionally McCollin told officers that the firearm was in fact loaded. Following McCollin’s admission, the female was ID’ed and realized a the scene.

Detectives from the Gang unit responded to process and collect the firearm. While on scene they also verified that the tint on the vehicle was illegal. When measured it was found to be 11%, the law in Massachusetts is that window tint not exceed 35%. The firearm was found to be a Ruger .380 with one live round in a chamber and 8 rounds in the extended magazine.

McCollin was changed with numerous charges, including operating with a suspended license, speeding, failing to stop for a red light, illegal tints, carrying a firearm without a lines 3rd offense, possession of ammunition without a FID, firearm violation with previous violent drug conviction, carrying a loaded firearm on a public way, receiving stolen property as well as others. In addition to these new charges he also had numerous warrants out Dorchester, Boston, Brockton and Brookline for a myriad of charges including but not limited to assault and battery and driving without a license.