Climate Change ‘Activists’ Arrested by State and Boston Police Wednesday

On September 21, 2022, five fringe activists from what many law enforcement sources describe as a eco-terrorism organization which focuses on protesting climate change were arrested by Boston and State Police officers after they attempted to, “Block major key infrastructure points with hopes of crippling Boston’s morning commute,” according to the State Police Association.

The protesters took to the streets to address the United States’ use of fossil fuels, and to gain the attention of public officials. Multiple climate change organizations, including the infamous Extinction Rebellion Boston, announced plans to demand change when it comes to energy use. The organization claims that over 40 people planned to partake.

The Boston Police Department tweeted early in the day, saying traffic would be diverted at Seaport Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue. Police began arresting protesters for causing multiple traffic jams along the Interstate 90 highway and preventing people from entering the financial district.

At approximately 10:00 hours, police were able to clear the multiple traffic disruptions, and the city went about its normal business. The organizations involved claim that their goal was to disrupt the normal goings of Boston, and deem their protest as successful despite the arrests.

State Police have identified the five people who face charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, conspiracy to commit a crime; JOSEPH H. ROGERS, 55, of Lyndeborough, NH, GRANT F. ROCKETT, 64, of Jamaica Plain, MARK A. DUGAN, 54, of Newton, JENNIFER M. SMITH, 48, of Watertown, and MARY E. HANSEN, 67, of Jamaica Plain.

In a statement from the State Police Association, they slammed these activists saying, “we would like to thank and congratulate our members and local law enforcement partners on their successful response and ability to stop these dangerous individuals hard in their tracks.”

“The Association supports every American’s right to protest and free speech, however that does not give anyone the right to endanger the people of the Commonwealth.” They finished with a strong message, “This behavior will not be allowed and our members will continue to respond and stop it before tragedy can strike.”