Who is Alberto Polanco – Repeat Offender, Known Gang Member and the Man Charged in the Attempted Murder of a Boston Police Officer

BREAKING UPDATE: Thursday September 29, 2022 – 17:00 hours

Earlier this afternoon, known H-Block associate Alberto Polanco aka Fatboii Flex, 20 of Roxbury, was found to be too dangerous for pre-trial release by Roxbury District Judge Debra DelVecchio. He will be held behind bars until he is to appear in court on October 27 for pre-trial conference. In addition, Polanco still faces charges stemming from a shootout in front of the Ibiza Lounge in Providence Rhode Island earlier this year. For now, the residents of Roxbury can sleep a little safer at night knowing this dangerous criminal will now be kept incarcerated.

On Monday, September 26th, Boston Police came under attack after a 20-year-old Roxbury man fired multiple rounds into and at an unmarked Boston Police vehicle in the area of 43 Waumbeck Street in Roxbury. According to a copy of the Police report we were able to obtain, the incident was captured on numerous surveillance cameras, and at least ten different officers were able to positively identify the shooter as Alberto Polanco, a well known member of the H-Block street gang. That is where the story only just begins.

Polanco, who goes by the street name of FatBoii Flex, has been a emerging staple in the gang land on-goings of New England, from his H-Block back yard of Roxbury all the way to Providence Rhode Island. Coming into the scene during the Covid pandemic, Polanco has quickly garnered notoriety and infamy both with his peers as well as law enforcement. In documents obtained by Live Boston, Polanco is listed in the gang database, as an “Active and Primary member of the street gang H-Block”. In addition, these documents show that he has been FIO’ed numerous times with other well known H-Block members.

Polanco, second from the left, is pictured with other H-Block Associates

In terms of his rap career, Polanco is equally as unimpressive as most other street gang rappers. A quick dive into his social media shows a young man who seemingly has wasted his life away chasing after the unattainable goal of becoming either a killer or rapper. Both of which he seemingly has failed at recently with not yet being signed to a label and also failing to hit his target in the two shootings he’s committed this year. About two years ago, Polanco dropped one of the first tracks we could find titled ‘reminiscing’ which is a minute-long waste of time. A year or so later, he is featured in the track ‘PSYCHO’ with fellow rapper Dolla Bill, in which he continues his attempt at rap with an overly altered and auto-tuned few bars. During his time on the track Polanco makes numerous references to firearms and his gang’s involvement in shootings saying, “I always got it even when I’m on my lonely… nigga try me, he better have more than thirty… dead nigga try me imma send him with his homies“.

Following an incident on H-Block’s home turf in August of 2021 which left Polanco shot in the leg, the language in his raps began to escalate, in the track ‘Slipp’ about the incident, he says, “We do your block, we miss, you know we gonna spin again,” a clear threat to the gang’s rivals that Polanco was committed to seeking revenge. He goes on in the same song to say, “I lost two of my bros so you know I’m gonna squeeze it,” again reaffirming his commenting on continuing the cycle of gang violence. The song ends with a chilling promise that, “right or wrong I may end your life”. Throughout the video, Polanco can be seen brandishing what appears to be a black semi-automatic handgun.

The violence Polanco raps about came to a head in May of this year when he was arrested as the triggerman in a Rhode Island nightclub shooting. In documents obtained by our team from the Providence Police Department, investigators allege that Polanco brazenly engages in a shooting outside of the Ibiza Lounge on Summer Street in Providence. According to the report and subsequent investigation, Polanco and his associate, 19-year-old Kaliel Brown of Dorchester, both fled from the Police and after crashing their car were found to be in possession of illegal firearms. Similar to the incident on Monday, Polanco was caught on multiple surveillance cameras committing the shooting, and also similar to Monday’s incident, Polanco completely missed his target. Polanco was charged in Rhode Island for the shooting and was released on $30,000 bail. It is expected that he will be revoked following this newest incident.

Polanco in one of the numerous music videos where he brags about shootings and the gang life

Following that charge, rather than settle down and retreat from the gang and rap scene, Polanco instead began to be featured in even more raps including the recent releases of ‘In the Air’, ‘Bad Like Mike’ and the now removed ‘Wankstas’. Interestingly enough, in one of the raps Polanco sates, “check the score, niggas know y’all bleeding” in reference to the numerous shootings that H-Block had committed against their ops, going on in another to tout the fact he possessed the firepower to take them out saying, “got a Glock and it came with a 30, let them stay wrong and I’m doing them dirty.”

Polanco is featured here in the now removed video ‘Wankstas’ by 8 Zipp that called for the shooting and killing of Police Officers

As of now, Polanco remains behind bars pending a dangerousness hearing set for tomorrow morning at Roxbury District Court where it will be decided if pretrial release will be set. Sources within the court system tell us that it would be “shocking” given that he is charged with shooting at a police officer as well as his extensive history of gang involvement and open charges in Rhode Island if he is granted release.

The related documents to Polanco’s case can be found here: