Three-Car Accident Leads to Two Dead and Others Injured on I-93 in Boston

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, at approximately 22:30 hours, Boston EMTs, the Boston Fire Department, Boston EMS and the Mass State Police responded to a 911 call reporting a serious 3-car accident on the Interstate 93 northbound near the Zakim Bridge.

When first responders arrived, there was a brutal scene. Witnesses say a Lexus, which was being used for ride-share purposes, suddenly slowed and caused a tow truck to rear-end the car. In turn, a Honda Civic driving behind rear-ended the tow truck.

EMTs worked quickly to save the passengers in the cars. The Honda driver and the tow truck driver were relatively unharmed, but the driver and passengers in the Lexus sustained serious, life-threatening injuries. The two passengers, Daniele Fekert, 25, and Urashi Mandani, 25, were pronounced deceased on the scene. The driver, a 53-year-old man, was taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive treatment at the Massachusetts General Hospital and his condition is currently unknown.

Due to the severity of the incident, the supervisor on scene called full notifications. Responders closed the Interstate 93 while they continued to investigate late into the night. The two unharmed drivers in the accident stayed on the scene to answer police questions. State Police and Boston Police officers are still investigating the accident and there is no further information at this time.