UPDATE: BPD Has Located Vehicle From ‘Kidnapping’ Tell Public it was a Misunderstanding

FROM BPDNEWS: The van and child have been located, and this incident was a misunderstanding. Thank you to all of our media partners and the public who promptly shared this information. Thank you to the individuals who saw something and said something.

Original; Boston Police are investigating a report of a kidnapping that was reported to have occurred at 700 Commonwealth Ave., Boston at about 13:10 hours. The investigation is in preliminary stages and active. Cameras captured the van entering Storrow Drive inbound, towards downtown, at approximately 13:30 hours.

Attached is an image of a possible suspect motor vehicle. The victim is described as an approximately 8-year-old Asian male child. The suspect is described as a white Female in her 40s with blonde hair. More details to follow.