BREAKING: 7-Year-Old Caught with a Loaded Firearm Inside of Holland Elementary School Thursday

Earlier this afternoon Boston Police were notified by Boston Public School security and administrative staff at the Holland School in Dorchester that a student had been found to be in possession of a firearm inside of their building. The weapon was able to be confiscated from the 7-year-old student without incident and Boston Police Detectives from C-11 responded to the school to secure and process the weapon as well as investigate the firearm’s origin.

At this time Boston Police tell us that the incident remains under investigation, Although charges can not be brought against the child due to their age, this does not mean that the parents or responsible adults are off the hook. Legal experts we spoke to said that they would not be surprised if the owner of the firearm faces charges, elaborating that they were lucky no lives were lost at the school today.

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper said in a statement, “I’m speechless. I don’t have the words. This is truly devastating. We have to ask ourselves how a very young student becomes in possession of and gains access to a firearm,”

She went on to reassure parents and the public that, “We’re working with all of our city and state partners every day, multiple times a day, to address safety concerns, strategize new tactics to keep students safe, and create synergy in our responses to emergencies.” Skipper finished with a thanks to the officers and Detectives who responded, “We’re grateful to BPD and first responders who were on the scene immediately.

Boston Public Schools still do not utilize metal detectors, have School Resource Officers, or any Police as a standard practice at all their schools.

Commissioner Michael Cox said in a statement realized online, “The Boston Police Department is focused on the proliferation of guns in our City and keeping access to them away from the youngest among us needs to be a priority for everyone. We are grateful to Superintendent Mary Skipper and the Boston Public Schools for working with us to keep a safe school environment for the kids in our City,”

This was not the only issue at a Boston Public School involving guns today. In the email below obtained by the Live Boston Team, Principal Courtney Sheppeck of the Murphy School in Dorchester informed parents that, “a student was found in possession of [ammunition]…” Superintendent Skipper, Mayor Wu and the Boston Police did not reply for comment on this matter which also remains under review by police.

Included in the Boston Police release was a short and ironic statement from the Mayor of Boston. Wu, who has and continues to be a staunch opponent of School Police and common sense school safety polices (including School Resource Officers, metal detectors etc.) said, “The person responsible for allowing access to this weapon is going to be held accountable, no child should be near a weapon, much less directly endangered at such a young age.” Many parents we spoke to echoed the frustration but also directed and place the responsibility on the Mayor who they blame for the “reforms” that have now opened the door to the increase in violence and danger in our public schools.