Boston Police Academy Recruit Class #62-22 Completes 8-mile Run Before Graduation

Today, October 31, 2022, Boston Police Academy recruits from class #62-22 successfully completed the traditional class run. The run extends from Hyde Park all the way back to the Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury. The run is traditionally completed a few days before the class graduates and moves on to be Boston Police officers.

The recruits each run 8 miles through the busy Boston neighborhoods in order to symbolize the metaphorical distance they covered in training, and all the hard work they each completed in order to become successful officers in their futures. They were all escorted through Boston by squad cars and motorcycles to further celebrate their good deeds and to reward six months of incredibly hard work.

At the end of the run, the recruits were greeted by celebratory speeches and the traditional practice of touching the Tribute to Boston Police Officers. Graduating the Police Academy and becoming an officer is no easy feat, and Live Boston 617 would like to offer our congratulations to the #62-22 recruits.