150+ year old house Moves through Lexington

On Sunday, November 13th, 2022, at approximately 07:00 hours, Lexington Police, Geddes Building Movers, Carroll Trucking Company, and the Lexington Department of Public Works all assisted in moving a building across town that is over 150 years old.

The Hammond A. Hosner House, which is known for its history, was moved nearly two miles from the Lexington Center to Mass Avenue all the way to Route 2. The goal of the companies involved was to relocate the house to a part of town a resident purchased specifically to place the house.

This plan was originally met with some pushback from residents, as the original plan of action was to demolish the house in order to build a larger and more readily equipped police station. However, based on the irreplaceable history the house holds, it was decided that it would be better to relocate it instead.

After carefully traveling the two miles across town, the house was safely placed in its new lot. The owner states that he has plans to renovate the home in the near future while also keeping relevant its historical significance. In the end, both parties were satisfied, as the house remained intact and the police station can now be expanded.