Police Cruiser Collides with Other Vehicle in Dorchester Friday

At approximately 20:40 hours on Friday, November 11th 2022, Boston EMS and Boston Police officers from District B-3 responded to a call from a fellow Police officer reporting that he had been in a car accident with another vehicle on Norfolk Street in Dorchester.

Police officers quickly responded to the scene. Upon their arrival, they noted that both the officer and the other driver involved had sustained injuries and they immediately requested a push on EMS. EMTs quickly arrived at the scene and began treating both victims, eventually loading them into an ambulance to be further evaluated at the Boston Medical Center.

Police officers closed off Norfolk Street and the surrounding areas to investigate the accident further. The crash is said to have occurred in the intersection of Norfolk and Crowell Street. The cause of the crash is unknown, but it was noted that there was significant rainfall throughout Friday evening. Both vehicles sustained significant damage to their front bumpers, headlights, and front wheels.

Currently, there is no further information about the other driver’s identity, or whether or not he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both victims’ injuries were deemed minor and they are expected to fully recover.