UPDATE: 53-Year-Old Bradley Rein Charged with Reckless Homicde by Motor Vehicle in Apple Store Crash that Left One Dead and 17 Injured in Hingham

On November 21st, 2022, at approximately 10:45 hours, members of the Hingham Fire and Police Departments, Troopers from the Mass State Police and countless mutual-aid partners responded to the Apple Store inside of the Derby Shops in Hingham after a SUV crashed through the front glass window, driving through the store.

When First Responders arrived, they found a horrific scene. Multiple victims were found both outside and inside the store with numerous victims pinned against the back wall by the vehicle. EMTs and other first responders worked to extricate and stabilized the dozens victims, facing a vast variety of injuries ranging from life and limb treating to minor.

A Level 2 Mass Casualty Incident was declared and an ambulance strike team was also activated due to the high volume of patients. A Boston MedFlight helicopter was also requested to respond but was later cancelled en route. A total of 16 patients were transported by EMS to a local area hospital with numerous others refusing.

Tragically, one of the victims succumbed to their injuries and was pronounced deceased on scene. Police have identified this victim as Kevin Bradley, 65, of New Jersey.

Most of the surviving victims are still currently being treated at the South Shore Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center, many with major head trauma and severely crushed and broken limbs. Some have or will require surgery to try and correct their injuries with many still listed in critical condition.

State Police Association of Massachusetts President Patrick McNamara speaking of the tragic accident said “This is a heartfelt tragedy, it’s a very sad day and I don’t have many words. Our Troopers see critical incidents day in and day out but this one hits close to home.”

McNamara continued, “This is a place that I frequent with my family. A place the Hingham and South Shore community comes to often with their families and children and is thought of as a safe place. Seeing this tragedy so close to the holiday season, just a few days out from Thanksgiving, it really is heartbreaking”

Sources on scene involved with the investigation say the black SUV, later identified by police as a 2019 Toyota 4Runner, was witnesses driving towards the Apple store glass window at high speeds. In an interview with NBC 10 a witness stated, “… I don’t understand how someone drives that fast around here. It’s crazy.”

Employees at the Apple store and surrounding stores, as well as witnesses, are rightfully shaken by this incident. Witnesses report that the crash sounded incredibly loud and that a gaping hole in the storefront could be seen from far away. “It sounded like an explosion,” said one witness in an interview with the Patriot Ledger, who was shopping at J. Crew at the time of the incident. 

A representative from the Apple store said the following in a statement provided to the media, “Our hearts go out to our team members and customers who were injured and all of those who were affected by this terrible incident. We are doing everything we can to support our team members and customers at this very difficult time.”

Along with the Apple store being closed indefinitely, the two stores beside it were also closed as they sustained some damage from the crash. It is unknown when either store is expected to reopen.

The male driver in question was taken to the Hingham Police Station by officers at the scene and his car was towed out of the store at approximately 15:30 hours to be used as evidence.

Around 08:00 hours the following morning, the Plymouth DA’s office released the operators name and charges. They identified the driver as 53 year old Bradley Rein who with an address in Hingham as well as a previous OUI charge. He was arrested late last night and will be arraigned today in Hingham District Court.

Booking photo of Rein from VT State Police

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz stated that there is an ongoing criminal investigation. Cruz also offered his condolences to the victims and their families:

“This morning was an unthinkable morning, and people are trying to process what happened,” Cruz said. “I’m sure that we will find out once we have an opportunity to review all the documents and tapes, wherever it’s necessary to go forward from there and figure out exactly what happened and really what the absolute unthinkable event that occurred at that store. When you’re just going there to buy a phone or get something fixed, whatever it may be, it’s absolutely unthinkable. Absolutely tragic.”

The accident is actively under investigation by the Massachusetts State Police, the Hingham Police Department, the Hingham Fire Department as well as the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office.

State Police President McNamara reassured the public with the following, “We have arguably the best detectives and investigators in the nation and I am confident that our members will thoroughly investigate this incident to bring answers and closure to the victims and families involved in today’s tragedy.”