BFD Fights Flames In East Boston Auto Body Shop

At approximately 23:30 hours on December 4th 2022, Boston Firefighters and Boston Police responded to a call reporting a fire that had started at the First Class Auto Body Shop in East Boston.

Upon arrival, firefighters immediately noticed that the fire was producing heavy smoke. The flames appeared to be contained in one section of the building and did not seem to be spreading too quickly. Police quickly closed down the area so firefighters could work.

The Fire Department immediately started working to knock down the flames with high-powered hoses. When they reached the inside of the building, two cars that were supposed to be getting repaired were on fire, most likely being totaled.

Eventually, the fire was quelled. The body shop sustained some smoke damage, but the damage costs have not yet been confirmed. Luckily, no one was inside the building at the time and there were no injuries reported.

It is currently unknown what could have started the fire and Boston Detectives are actively reviewing the facts to find the answer. Anyone with information is urged to contact A-7 Detectives at 617-343-4234.