Elderly Victim Barricaded inside Home with Suspect

This morning, December 15th 2022, at approximately 05:15 hours, a 911 call came in reporting that a suspect was barricaded inside an elderly woman’s home at 62 Mount Hope. Boston Police and Boston EMS quickly both responded.

When units arrived, the suspect was standing outside in the yard next to a gate. Because of the hostility of the situation, the supervisor on the scene called for the SWAT Team as well as negotiators to respond.

Before negotiators arrived, the SWAT Team was able to take the suspect into custody without further incident. He had no injuries to his person so he was transported to a Boston Police station to be further investigated. Negotiators and other units were then cancelled.

EMTs and Police then spoke to the elderly female victim who was still inside at the time. She did not appear to have any visible injuries, but EMTs still offered to transport her to a hospital for further evaluation. However, he claimed she was unharmed and denied transportation.

Police have begun investigating the cause of this incident. It is unknown if the suspect was known to the victim or if the attack was targeted or not. The suspect remains in custody and there are no updates at this time.