Driver Attempts to Flee after Crashing into House

At approximately 03:00 hours on Saturday, December 17, Boston Fire, Boston EMS and Boston Police officers from District E-13 responded to a 911 call reporting that a vehicle drove into the side of a house at 829 Hyde Park Avenue.

Units made their way to the scene and assessed the damage done to both the car and the house. The vehicle crashed directly next to the porch stairs, causing the porch foundation to be unstable. The back of the vehicle also sustained major damage.

The driver, who saw police arriving, attempted to flee the area. However, about a dozen residents of Hyde Park Avenue restrained him to prevent him from leaving.

Boston ISD (Inspectional Services Department) was called to keep an eye on the porch while police investigated. They closed off the scene and began to scan the area. Sources on the scene witnessed the car cross several lanes of traffic at a high speed before crashing into the house’s fence. It is currently unknown if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

After the incident, it was uncertain whether anyone was transported to a hospital for injuries. The driver was taken into custody but his current charges have not been released to the public.