Boston Public Health Commission Continues to Protect and Pamper Disgraced Top-ish Cop Even After Being Placed on Leave

Free gas, take-home police vehicles, gym access, and gated garage parking are just a few of the cushy perks that BPHC Deputy Chief Fredrick Gary has enjoyed over the weekend while on what the Commission claims is ‘administrative leave pending further review.’


Early last week after a lengthy internal investigation by our team at LB617, we published an article about Deputy Chief Fredrick Gary of the BPHC Police. After discovering a disturbing pattern of domestic-type issues at his home and other accusations of corruption and misconduct, we decided to highlight this case as an example of how accountability within policing is not equally applied at the highest levels. 

We first reached out to the Health Commission for comment on this issue in the early afternoon of Tuesday, January 10, 2023, one day after Boston Police and the BRIC published a wanted flyer for Deputy Chief Gary and five days after the initial incident. We did not get a response until late Wednesday evening when they finally told us that Gary had been placed on administrative leave, only after we had begun asking questions. When pressed them what ‘administrative leave’ would look like they were unable to provide any specifics. 


In order to gauge what to expect as the investigation moved forward, our team began reaching out to contacts within the Boston Police, Public Health Police, and others. All of them explained that the standard procedure of administrative leave was that the subject should have their firearm taken and access to everything including vehicles, radios, and computers restricted and also can access buildings removed. In the case of Deputy Chief Gary, this was far from reality. 

The investigations team from LB617 has now found that Deputy Chief Gary following his arraignment and the Commission placing him on leave on Tuesday, December 10, returned to BPHC property and parked his nearly 80K dollar 2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 4MATIC in a reserved and gated parking spot at the Northampton Street garage, before leaving in a department-issued ford explorer. Our investigators found the explorer parked at Gary’s residence on Roxton Street in Dorchester later that night.  When asked about this, the Commission did not immediately respond, instead, sources tell us they scrambled to retrieve the car, with them finally confirming to our staff that Gary “no longer has access to the BPHC vehicle,” at around 3 pm on Thursday. 

Refusing to take the Commission’s word that Gary would be held accountable our investigatory staff continued surveillance at his residence where Friday morning our team tailed him back to BPHC Police headquarters. Inside the building our investigators both witnessed firsthand and also were able to confirm with sources that Gary not only still had possession of his BPHC key card/ID giving him access to the building, but also that he was able to freely walk around, utilizing his office, gym, and his secured parking spot where his Mercedes was still parked for nearly 3 hours between approximately 7 am and 10 am.


After being alerted to this we reached out to the Commission who has not provided any comment, update, or clarification since our request Friday. We additionally are still waiting for them to clarify if he has a department-issued firearm in his possession and if he is being paid while on leave. We also reached out to the Boston Police Department to see if they could confirm or provide any information into the rumored investigation that has been started by their Anti-Corruption Unit.

The Anti-Corruption Unit investigates all city employees accused of criminal misconduct. A Boston Police Department spokesperson told us that they are unable to confirm or deny any investigations within the Anti-Curruption Unit, however, we were able to confirm through other channels that any arrest by a city employee for domestic violence does trigger the opening of an Anti-Curruption investigation.

Mayor Wu’s office unsurprisingly declined to comment on the issue and was unresponsive to further requests.

For now, it appears that Deputy Chief Gary’s guardian angel is still hard at work protecting him from all consequences while he still enjoys the perks of his position.