Boston Police Celebrate Grand Opening of the New District A-7 in East Boston

Nearly four years after the initial announcement of the new East Boston District Police Station, it is officially open, marked by a cutting the ribbon ceremony. Mayor Wu, Commissioner Cox, community members and officers assigned to this district were all in attendance for the grand opening.

The police station itself cost over $30 million in all, but the delay in its completion was less money, and more so outside factors. The project was incessantly getting pushed back from its beginning point due to factors such as the soils, failing inspections, and more.

However, at the beginning of the month, all systems check passed and it began the final stages of its opening. The grand opening was full of fanfare including the Boston Police Pipe and Drums!

As of Sunday, January 31st, 2023, the new district A-7 police station is now open and located at 300 East Eagle Street, East Boston. Police officers will begin moving from the previous precinct, near Maverick Square, to the new location in the coming weeks.