Killer In Custody for Summertime Homicide on Harvard Street

BPD Stock Image at Logan Airport, 2017

In a major development in the murder case of Urvin Gerald, the Boston Police Department has announced the successful capture of the suspected killer. The Department’s Fugitive Unit successfully carried out the rendition of Dwight Watson from the Mahoning County Justice Center in Youngstown, Ohio on Friday according to the Department. Dwight had been taken into custody by local authorities on February 2nd of this year in Ohio.


Watson, a 55-year-old Boston native, was being held at the Ohio facility after being arrested on a murder warrant issued out of the Dorchester District Court. According to a press release, Watson was arrested for the murder of Urvin Gerald, a 48-year-old resident of Dorchester, in July 2022. More can be found below on the original incident.

At approximately 1:00 PM on February 17, 2023, members of the Boston Police Fugitive Unit arrived at the Mahoning County Justice Center to take custody of Watson. The unit, which specializes in tracking down and apprehending some of Boston’s most dangerous fugitives, worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Booking image from Mahoning County

Watson will now be arraigned in the Dorchester District Court on murder charges. This is a major breakthrough in the case and brings the victim, their family and the community one step closer to justice and closure.


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