Student Unknowingly Takes Control of Plane in Norwood Airport Incident

In a shocking turn of events on Friday afternoon, emergency responders were dispatched to Norwood Airport in response to initial reports of a student intentionally attempting to crash a plane with an instructor on board. However, further investigation has revealed that the student unknowingly took control of the aircraft, clarifying that there was no intentional act to crash the plane.

The incident unfolded at approximately noon when Norwood Police, Fire, and EMS were alerted to a potentially dangerous situation at the local airport. Units staged at the airport preparing for a potential emergency landing. The aircraft in question was identified as a Cessna 172S with the tail number N53577, owned and operated by New Horizon Aviation, Inc.

Upon landing, it became apparent that the situation was not as initially reported. The investigation, carried out by authorities in collaboration with the aviation company, uncovered that the student pilot had inadvertently or unknowingly taken control of the plane. It was determined that there was no malicious intent behind the student’s actions. The pilot was captured in a photograph at the scene as he exited the tarmac.

It remains uncertain whether the student will face any legal consequences or be taken into custody. The ongoing investigation seeks to determine the specific circumstances that led to the student unintentionally assuming control of the aircraft.

The incident caused a temporary disruption at the Norwood Airport, but operations resumed as usual following the safe landing of the aircraft. Both Norwood Police and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will continue their investigation into the matter to ensure the safety and integrity of future flight operations.