Woman Rescued from Thetford Ave House Fire

Boston firefighters successfully rescued a woman from a raging house fire that broke out on Thetford Avenue in Dorchester on Thursday afternoon. The incident occurred at approximately 3 p.m., and despite the challenging circumstances, fire officials confirmed that no injuries were reported.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered the trapped woman on the second floor of the house. She was identified as an elderly resident who had been sitting down and unable to get herself out of the house. Determined to save her life, the firefighters successfully carried her to safety.

The battle against the fire proved to be a formidable challenge as the densely packed neighborhood and limited accessibility impeded their efforts. To reach the intense flames at the back of the property, the firefighters were forced to cut through a fence and even deploy a ladder truck through a vacant lot.

Fire Commissioner Paul Burke commented on the arduous rescue operation, stating, “It was a difficult fire to fight. No access to the back, so a ladder truck had to come in through the vacant lot to get to the rear.” The bravery and resourcefulness displayed by the firefighters were instrumental in overcoming the obstacles and ultimately saving the trapped woman’s life.

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire, and investigations are ongoing. The extensive damage caused by the intense flames has rendered the three apartments uninhabitable. Nine individuals and a cat, who resided in the building, now face the task of finding alternative living arrangements.